jeudi 28 février 2013

One global language. Not yeeeet please!!!

Now technology and the tools we can have at our finger-tips make it even easier to learn a new language or "avoid to learn" for the least adventurous and curious of us... "Google translation" is still annoyingly inaccurate but that will change. People will then have the choice to learn more languages and vocabulary or on the contrary to learn less or not at all. I'm trying here to address the people willing to learn "more". My interest of the other group is as tremendous as their interest for foreign languages and culture, not very indeed. Some days in any case translation and language-learning will disappear since there won't be anything else than "one global language" that, i'm almost 100% sure, won't be english. But for a while still we'll use perfectly efficient Artificially Intelligent translators which will highly simplify global communication and reduce even more people's interest in learning any kind of languages other than the one which will still have an undoubted supremacy for at least another quarter of century and at most another half. Yes, it's not (at all, haha) because I am French but I think that english will be a dead language by long already in 2063, left alone all the other 5000 languages still spoken nowadays. This doesn't make any sense at all you probably think? and if it even happened to be right what would then be the point in bothering oneself to learn something doomed to die anyway as this seems the normal process of the development of intelligence on an intelligent planet? Well, my own interest are "curiosity" and a love for these different ways to communicate among thousands of different cultures since it is still time. When the whole world will be unified in one arithmetic and algorithmic language with an impressive number of words/datas/numeral/figure/pattern we'll be able to communicate more accurately, faster and better for sure but the price to pay is a loss of these cultures that won't be ours anymore. That will just belong to museums, virtual for the most. We can't change that or even fight it. We can always pretend it will never ever happen, that this is just insane science-fiction but it would just be some form of denial that won't change a thing anyway. What we do actually is simply enjoy them while they are still their and travel and speak foreign languages as much as we can because our children won't be able to have the same chance at some point!                                                                                                                 

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