dimanche 10 mars 2013

What's the plan?

Sure I care! You should have seen me in my early twenties when my creativity was at full steam and when I had new ideas every day that I never ever put into practise.     
    Now I am frustrated because of that. Coz I am getting old and haven't used any of my potential yet. 
Coz I've wasted my twenties being a slow and lazy bastard. 
    Things will start changing when I'll really get to accomplish something so I gotta work hard to develop some languages website I've been thinking of.
    Thanks to read me my dear, it means a lot to me. And sure now you can understand my point better about the fact that the only way to be with somebody is to share their interests and unfortunately few people share mine... 
     So tell me about your coming plans dear. 
My plans have changed too. I'll be in Myanmar from 10th of april til 8th of May. After that I'll be normally in Malaysia until the beginning of June then in Korea in June and I'll stay in Japan from July for at least 3 months hopefully and if by the time I have managed to develop this new language method I wanna work on I'd be able to use it in Japan with my potential students which would be a good experiment and way to make a living since teaching english in a conventional manner, with very little result, would just bore me and my students to death I can imagine.
     So now learning cambodian, Myanmar, Malay, Korean and Japanese before to potentially teach english will also enable me to develop an operational language learning system, hey hey. One day I'll get back to Tagalog too, hmm. Take care too dear and don't forget we live on a tiny world after all...

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