vendredi 15 mars 2013

My present and future languages story

 Today it is my third day in Cambodia and i will start my 4th day of study. I have acquired in Bangkok "the Cambodian for beginners, 2nd edition" which is actually even much better than the thai one. For example the vocabulary is distributed in a much better way within the lessons with what really matter coming up in the first ones instead than right at the end of the book or not at all.
   It is now a real pleasure, with also it's moments of efforts and boredom obviously (but no pain no gain), to be on my way of "basic communication" (500-1000 words) with the friendly locals into such an exotic country faster than I ever did  with any other language!
   Khmer (Cambodian) is also, as most eastern-asian languages, very easy to learn since it doesn't even have tones. The pronunciation is still a little tricky though with some consonants clusters and vowels sounds unseen in western languages but this can be easily overcome if you are an attentive and motivated listener and speaker.
   I didn't get into the Khmer script yet (which is the only complicated matter in khmer) but within 3 days and 16 hours of study in total I managed to learn 2 lessons the first day (4hours), 3 lessons the 2nd day (5hours) and 2 more lessons the third day (7hours). So I have 3 more lessons to go with continue and daily revision and tests after that.
   Every day I review and listen again everything from lesson 1. Now I even start testing myself on the vocabulary (of the 3 first lessons yesterday) and note the mistakes i make and the number of words i know so far.
  I will continue to do that first with also the conversation and finally the sentences too. I'm really getting serious about it and my ultimate plan is actually to develop a "beginners" language method myself! 
  I hope to make it easy and fast for anybody to learn "simple verbal communication" in "any language possible" even the ones with a much harder grammar. I might have to use some unconventional methods at first as skipping a part of the grammatical process in some languages to go straight to what really matters: "being understood", at the cost of definitely not speaking at first free of any kind of mistakes but with providing to the learner great confidence, motivation and passion by the invaluable results they could achieve in "no time".
  Then only, the focus on "proper speaking and writing" could be achieved but things have to make sense! They have to be organised in the most effective, fun, motivating and simple way possible.
  Most of languages methods and schools lamentably fail on that and one day we'll gain unlimited knowledge (and languages) uploaded directly into our brain even before understanding the process of proper language acquisition, this is insane! 
  Technology goes far faster than human understanding. 

    I will stay in Cambodia for another 2 weeks only and then go to Lao for 7-10 days, again, only. I shouldn't have any problem with learning the lao language since it is very similar to thai. After coming back to Bangkok in order to take my flight to Yangon I will stay in Myanmar for 4 weeks and have time to properly undergo this "languages learning shift" which is changing me once again into something/somebody new.

    After Burma i will head to Malaysia and get acquainted with a language known as one of the easiest on the planet.
in june I will then hopefully fly to Seoul and have a first relationship with Korean for about another month only to leave it at this point for an even more fascinating and exciting language, Japanese!
   My idea now is to spend at least 3 months in Japan and possibly to start teaching english or even french with this method i want to develop. Since the level would be for absolute "beginners" I will have to know enough japanese at first in order to be able to communicate with them at least for the first courses. 
  Therefore, I still have 4,5 months and 6 languages to learn "how to learn better" before to start teaching myself the way I would like to be taught! 
   If I make it happen it will be an experiment more than a job even if i will also need the money obviously since I am gradually running out of it. An experiment that would continue on a proper website on the internet and hopefully on publicised books or even international languages schools even if it is far too early yet to envision such an achievement.
   It still all sounds like a dream for now but if i organise myself well and work on it with passion i don't see any reason why i shouldn't achieve at least some level of success. The system has obviously considerable flows. Of course it is far to be enough to simply point them out. The whole matter stands in actually making things better as it is easy to criticise but much harder to change and improve.
   But before any of that, I'll be back on my cambodian for now...    

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